Titanium bar for hip joint

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Baoji XINNUO New Metal Materials company is specialized in producing surgical implant titanium bar, such as titanium bar for bone joint, titanium bar for bone screw, titanium bar for dental. If you need best quality titanium bar / rod, XINNUO is the right titanium products manufacturer and stockiest.

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Description of Titanium bar for hip joint

Standard: ASTM F67, ISO5832-2, ASTM F136, ISO5832-3.

Grade: Gr3, Gr5, Ti6Al4V, Ti6Al4V ELI

Most ordered Diameter(mm): Φ16, Φ17.2, Φ18, Φ20, Φ24, Φ30, Φ40, Φ45, Φ50, Φ55, Φ65mm

Characteristic: Good elasticity, high strength, good metallographic structure, good abrasion resistance.

1. For Gr3, microstructure can reach over level 7, tensile strength can reach more than 585MPa.

2. For Gr5, Gr5ELI, microstructure can reach A3, tensile strength can reach more than 1100MPa.

Why choose XINNUO medical titanium bars?

Xinnuo company specializes in producing medical titanium and titanium alloy material which used for orthopedic implants. Our raw material is the medical standard titanium sponges,which go through carefully selection and production processes, alloy confect, electrode suppress, three times weld melting into the special ingot billet.

The ingot billet is made by the large tonnage press. After the upsetting and drawing’s large deformation forging repeatedly, the grain is crushed fully with uniform processability. After rolled by the big pressure rolling mill, the ingot billet becomes the required different sizes of slab and bar billet.

Large diameter titanium bars (Φ25-Φ100mm) are mainly supplied by rolling state with more than 50% rolling deformation, adopting the solid solution heat treatment method to ensure material’s structure uniformity, hardness and other mechanical properties.

Small size titanium bars (diameter < Φ25mm) are produced by drawing method with more than 60% deformation amount of reducing. This operation can control compact structure, good ovality, excellent straightness, then match with effective aging heat treatment methods to eliminate the residual stress, ensure the stable and good consistency properties.

All the products go through the infra-red detection apparatus which is to ensure h7, h8 tolerance; ultrasonic flaw detection and turbine detection which is to ensure no defects in surface and interior.

All the products are supplied with vacuum annealing state which is to control detrimental element in a reasonable level.

All the products are printed to increase the traceability and establish the archives for future reference.

Our products win at 3 aspects: awareness of quality and responsibility, unique and advanced equipments and technics process, complete test control methods.

Advanced technics process contributes to consistency and stability performance.

Unique straightening and leveling equipment and high precision grinding machine ensure good straightness, high precision and degree of finish.

Infra-ray diameter gauge, ultrasonic flaw detection and eddy current flaw detector keep good internal and surface quality and high reliability.

More information of our company or goods, please feel free to contact us.

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