Ti6246-Titanium-bar applied for aeronautical aircraft and aero-engines

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Size: Dia 20-300mm

Grade: Ti6242, Ti6246, Ti811 Titanium bar

Standard: AMS 4975, AMS 4981, AMS 4972 etc

High-end titanium alloy bars and forgings such as Ti6242, Ti6246 produced by our company have been successively used in many types of aeronautical aircraft and aero-engines.

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What are the applications of Ti6246?

Ti6246 has the low-weekly fatigue strength of the alloy after solid solution time or double annealing is significantly higher than that the corresponding Ti6Al4V titanium alloy. Meanwhile, It has a high-temperature creep strength and instantaneous strength, which can manufacture middle and high-power compressor plates and blades.

Titanium-based alloys make up 20-30% of the dry weight of an engine primarily in the compressor. Specific Titanium components designed in an engine include baldes, disc, hubs, inlet guide vanes and cases. 

What is our quality management system?

ISO9001 and AS9100 certified company. Aerospace customers value the secure, certified, global supply chain XINNUO offers. Our ablility to develop new materials that meet the demanding needs of aero engine.

There are different kind of extensive inventory in XINNUO, ALD Vacuum Melting Furnace-3 times vacuum melting plasma welding, flaw detection. Consistent products, lead times and competitive prices to meet and service all the customers requirements. Then make us the best place to by titanium bars now, five, and then years from now. 

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