Custom titanium plate for special parts

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We produce Gr5 ELI,Gr3,Gr4 custom pure and alloy titanium plate for special parts, which is applied in surgical implants field.

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Material  Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Ti6Al4V ELI
Standard  ASTM F136/67, ISO 5832-2/3
Regular Size  (1.0~6.0) T * (300~400) W * (1000~1200 )L mm for Gr5 and Ti6Al4V ELI
Regular Size (8.0~12.0) T * (300~400) W * (1000~1200 )L mm for Gr3 and Gr4
Tolerance  0.08-0.30mm
State  M, Annealed
Surface Condition  Hot-rolled surface
Roughness  Ra<1.2um
Quality Certifications  ISO 13485, ISO 9001

Our company specializes in producing Gr5 ELI custom titanium plate for special parts, it can be used for special parts, like titanium equipment. And we are specialized in producing high strength, high property and high precision titanium and titanium alloy materials, which is a high-tech enterprise including R&D, production and service.

With international advanced production lines of high-end medical titanium and titanium alloy rods and plates, through independent innovation, we have built an annual production capacity of 800 tons of titanium rods and 300 tons of titanium plates. We ensure that your orders are delivered on schedule.

Hot rolling titanium plates processes:

Titanium sponge---compacting electrodes---melting(3 times)---slabs---hot rolling -annealing---surface processing (Spot Grinding, Polished)---Inventory Inspection---Graphite marking, stocking

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