XINNUO 2023 yearly R&D report was held on Jan. 27th.

XINNUO 2023 yearly report from R&D department of the new material and projects was held on Jan. 27th. We obtained 4 patents, and there are 2 patents under applying.

XINNUO 2023 yearly R&D report

There were 10 projects under researching in 2023, includes the new material and production technique and higher properties to meet the new need from customers and markets. 

And the fields covering Grade 4B high hardness bar and wire for dental implants use, titanium alloy wire for ultrasound knife use, spinal connecting rods’ dynamic property, aerospace,  new straightening technique, ingot smelting, new titanium material for dental use, low elastic modulus titanium alloy material’s research, Φ20-40 Ti-6Al-4V ELI material’s high properties, and the dental implants new material, which has obtained the patent.   

For the projects, our R&D department takes the preciseness and serious scientific research attitude, combing the customers and markets’ new need, compares the material with the imported material like carpenter, and other first level titanium material suppliers. 

XINNUO 2023 yearly R&D report1
XINNUO 2023 yearly R&D report2

And we will keep researching on the projects, which will be improved and also adding new projects as per customer’s customized requirements to meet the market’s developing need. 

If there is any new need or special requirements of the titanium medical or aerospace requirements, please feel free to contact us. Our R&D is always support on you. 

Welcome your inquiry of XINNUO’s products.

More information needed, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jan-22-2024
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