Why is it called Xinnuo?


Someone asked me, why is the name of our company Xinnuo? It's a long story. Xinnuo is actually very rich in connotation. I also like Xinnuo because the word Xinnuo is full of positive energy, for a person is motivated and goals, for an enterprise is a pattern and vision. Now, let me tell you the meaning of Xinnuo.

First, the name Xinnuo was given by Chairman Zheng Yongli of our company. “鑫”-- Xin is three gold in Chinese, and gold will always shine, Mr. Zheng believes that down-to-earth entrepreneurship will have harvest bear fruit. As for “诺”,which means "promise", we should and will always keep our promises.

Mr. Zheng

Mr. Zheng is introducing the company to the leaders who come to investigate

Second, Mr. Zheng has dreams in his heart. The origin of the word "Xinnuo" is actually quite lofty, and has a lot to do with satellites, which may be the germination of Mr. Zheng's dream in his mind.

It was the "Xinnuo 1" communication satellite that was launched in the Long March 3B carrier rocket of Xichang Satellite Launch Center on July 18, 1998. This satellite is a commercial communication satellite with the international advanced level in the 1990s. It is the word "Xinnuo" of this satellite that is deeply embedded in Mr. Zheng's heart, so there is Baoji Xinnuo.

rockettitanium rod 2

With nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, our company has always adhered to the principle of and won market recognition. After stepping into the high quality field of titanium for medical, aerospace, and military use, the products have made a lot of achievements just like Xinnuo satellite does.

It is gold that always shines. What we do in our actions is to keep our promise and win the recognition of the market. It is the enterprise culture that has helped Xinnuo people travel far.

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Post time: Oct-27-2022
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