What will you know about Titanium Expo 2021

What will you know about Titanium Expo 2021

First of all, warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the three-day Baoji 2021 Titanium Import and Export Fair. In terms of exhibition display, Titanium Expo showcases advanced products and technologies as well as solutions brought by exhibitors from all over the world, while gathering new industry resources and presenting new trends and concepts of titanium industry development in many aspects.

What will you know through the exhibition? Let's go ahead!

Manufacturers and Industry Groups.
China Titanium Valley - Baoji New Materials National High-Tech Industrial Base. The city of Baoji is known as China's Titanium Valley because of its well-developed titanium industry, which accounts for more than 80% of the country's titanium production and more than 20% of the world's production, and is home to many titanium producers. The exhibition covers titanium materials for medical, industrial and chemical industries, titanium household products, advanced production and processing equipment, auxiliary tools, etc. It also has to be a metal material processing, sales, and R&D base for its rare metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, hafnium and other rare metal processing materials in addition to titanium-based materials. We believe that here you will easily find many high-quality factories and traders who have the strength and can better serve your project.

Professional medical titanium material manufacturer.
Mr Gao Xiaodong, our sales director, introduced our products and their applications in the medical field to the media in a TV interview. And said that as one of the leading medical titanium manufacturers in China, XINNUO Titanium is committed to developing and producing cost-effective raw materials based on the international market. At the same time, we pay attention to the development and changes in the medical market and innovate with medical device manufacturers to develop innovative medical material development solutions accordingly. Our R&D, production departments and all employees will actively cooperate to provide the best quality and cost-effective solutions to our global customers.

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Titanium academic research and professional forums.

During the same period, the organizers will also devote themselves to creating a series of high-quality forums on different topics to provide professional visitors with a broader platform for industry dialogue and academic exchange. 2021 April 22 morning, our company focused on hosting and participating in the Titanium Industry Summit Forum and Medical Titanium Application Forum.

Professors of internal surgery, members of the China Medical Devices Industry Association Surgical Implants Branch, professors from the School of Materials and other experts analyzed and exchanged views on the application of titanium alloy materials in the medical field and future market development. They believe that titanium alloy materials will be widely used in the future medical market because of their good biocompatibility, excellent performance and other characteristics. Finally, Mr Ma Honggang, Chief Engineer of R&D of XINNUO Titanium, made a special report on the latest material research projects of the company, taking into account the current market situation and the strategic layout of the company. We will stick to its commitment and focus on producing raw materials for medical implants. We will make our contribution to human health as we can.

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High quality medical titanium supplier.

XINNUO has established a quality management system in order to meet national and international standards of excellence in the production of medical and aerospace raw materials with a high degree of safety and quality. As a manufacturer of raw materials for medical titanium, any product associated with a medical device is used in some way to restore the health of patients - so we will be completely honest.

If you're looking for high-quality titanium to apply for medical procedures, contact me today for a quote.

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