New Titanium Ultrasonic Knife Cosmetic Treatment

Titanium Ultrasonic Knife

Ultrasonic knife is a new kind of photoelectric aesthetic surgical therapy, using special acoustic generator and titanium alloy knife head acoustic transmitter, the ultrasonic wave is introduced to the bottom of the skin, to achieve the effect of skin cell destruction - repair - beauty.

Titanium alloy used in ultrasonic knife requires excellent supercondctivity and extremely demanding material usage.

Material: Ti6Al4V ELI  Titanium rod: Dia5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 13.5mm  

ASTM F136 Standard

Ultrasonic knife titanium alloy advantages:

①High elastic modulus: improve the absorption ability of the material to the ultrasonic wave and the following ability of the material under the high frequency sound wave;

②Ultra-fine grain structure: through the process design, 2-4um ultra-fine grain can be reached. To achieve good fatigue performance and structural strength of the material under high frequency vibration;

③ Super smooth surface: the surface roughness reach 0.361um, which ensure that there is no stress concentration and notch damage in the process of high frequency vibration of the material.

Post time: Oct-26-2022
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