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Titanium is used in orthopedic implants such as trauma, spine, joints, and dentistry as mentioned in previous articles. In addition to this, there are also some segments, such as the ultrasonic knife head material used in minimally invasive surgery also used titanium alloy material.

The ultrasonic knife is a medical device used in a variety of surgical procedures such as neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics and gynecological surgery. It can improve the accuracy and safety of surgery, reduce bleeding and tissue damage, and promote rapid recovery of patients, so it is widely used in surgery.

ultrasonic knife

Because ultrasonic knives require high-frequency vibration and contact with the human body during use, there are certain requirements on the performance of the materials, which mainly include the following aspects:
Abrasion resistance
Thermal conductivity
Corrosion resistance
Dynamic response
Why is titanium a suitable material for knife tips?
Because titanium has good biocompatibility, with little or no rejection of human tissue, it is one of the ideal materials for the manufacture of medical devices. This has been covered in previous articles.
Secondly, titanium has high strength and hardness, making it suitable for use in the manufacture of scalpels and medical devices.
In addition, titanium has a low density and good corrosion resistance, properties that allow ultrasonic knives to work more consistently and last longer.
Therefore, taking into account factors such as biocompatibility, strength, hardness and corrosion resistance, and being able to meet the performance requirements of wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and good dynamic response required of ultrasonic knife materials, titanium has become a popular choice for manufacturing ultrasonic knives.
We manufacture titanium for ultrasonic knives believe the information is as follows:
Use: The use of titanium alloy material of the national standard minimally invasive surgery and photomedicine aesthetic surgical instruments
Frequency of use Operating frequency: 50000-62000Hz
Common specifications: diameter 6.0/5.5/5.0mm, special specifications can be customized
Material properties: high modulus of elasticity/nano-scale ultra-fine tissue stability/ultra-smooth surface/ultra-high peripheral fatigue properties.

Product advantages are as follows:
1. stable process, high degree of process autonomy and control.
2. Sufficient production capacity to ensure the delivery time, 5 tons of bad routine stock.
3. impedance and amplitude are stable and satisfactory for customers.

Titanium materials

Xinnuo Titanium was founded in January 2004, the company's medical titanium sales accounted for more than 35% of the domestic market. It is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end titanium and titanium alloy materials for medical and military applications. Specializing in aerospace, medical implants industry to provide high-strength, high-performance, high-precision titanium alloy, high-temperature alloy materials. The company's leading products are: aerospace and medical-surgical implants and alloys dedicated to high-temperature alloy rods, wires, plates 3D printing spherical powder and deep processing products.

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